Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Important Things to do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the beautiful travel destination in India where we see the combination of culture and tradition. If you are choosing Rajasthan tour packages in your travel vacations then some of the adventures and important things that we do in Rajasthan.

iVintage cars

 1. Camel Safari: There are many places where we can enjoy the royal safari Rajasthan. Rajasthan desert safari is famous in the world. Many tourists come here to enjoy camel safari. Bikaner and Jaisalmer are the desert places.

 2. Vintage Car Rally in Jaipur: If you really interested to visit modern history then vintage car rally is one of the greatest part for you. The car rally organized every year in the month of January and February.

 3.  See Wildlife park & sanctuaries and enjoy jeep safari: If you really love to see the birds and wildlife of Rajasthan. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Ranthmbore national park is the wildlife places where you can enjoy a Jeep safari tour. There are many different species and animals.

 4.   Pushkar Fair in Pushkar Ajmer: This fair only organized in the month of October and November. During this fair you can also enjoy some traditional dance and different competitions like a fight for the longest moustache.

 5. Dargah Sharif in Ajmer:  This is the holiest place in Ajmer where all religious people come. During the season of URs thousands of people come every year.

 6.  Bhangarh Fort: Bhangarh  Fort is the ancient place in Rajasthan. This place is counted in haunted places of the world. It is also believed that anyone who visits the Bhangarh Palace after evening does not ever return.