Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Important Travel Safety Tips

If you are going somewhere for vacations like for travelling Rajasthan and you are not familiar with that place then you should always keep those things in your mind.
india travel guide

1.      Do not carry expensive jewellery, expensive watches, rings and other important papers otherwise it can create the problem for you.
2.       You should always carry photocopies of your passport, credit cards and driving license.
3.       You should always take care of your bag and always stay with your bag until the bag is checked.
4.       Always carry a torch or small lights in your bag, its really very fruitful in the nights.
5.       Add your name and address on each bag and carry only one or two credit cards .
6.       Always sit behind the driver so you can see him easily but he can’t.
7.       You should not discuss your travel plans, room number and any other personal information with strangers.
8.       If you have any disease and problem then must keep prescribed medicine in your bag.
9.       Women you should not accept a drink from strangers and if something happen then you should refuse to take a drink.
10.   If you are travelling with your small children then always carry updated photograph of each child and its really very helpful  to find your child if they become separated from you.
11.   You should familiar with bus timing and travel schedule and work it accordingly.
12.   If your mobile phone is not working then this condition you can take another number for your safety .

These are the important travel guidelines & tips for you that are really very fruitful for you.